Vertical Axis Wind Turbines ( VAWT )

Two types of small VAWTs, vertical windmill, are presented here.
Both turbines have mechanisms for cyclic control of the vertical blades.
Wind speed and direction is monitored with external meters and data
is transferred to the Pitch and Yaw control mechanism in the middel of
the turbine.

Here you can see a top view of 50 and 250 kW VAWT units for PMG.
Permanent Magnet Generator connected on the lower part of the main shaft.

For a Top View of the small VAWT see: VAWT 50kW

For a Top View of the large VAWT see: VAWT 250kW

For a Front View of the large VAWT's mechanism, see: 250kW control mechanism

A similar type of small VAWT, vertical windmill, is presented here.
The turbine is self starting and has a pitch mechanism for speed control and yaw control.
A typical 10 kW
small VAWT unit can use a Permanent Magnet Generator built into
the main rotor tower.

For a Top View of the small VAWT see: VAWT10

For a Front View of the small VAWT see: VAWT10F

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